Over the years I have shot many different models in Dubai, Cayman, UK etc. and I have come across many young women, men and parents of child models who have no idea what they are doing. Agencies are taking advantage of them, not paying on time, not paying them enough or worst not paying at all. Most of these beginner models are not organised and most have no idea how to market themselves. 

I have tried to help many of them with advise on how to make it in the business but it does require a lot of my time and most models dont have the money to compensate me for my time because most are just getting started in the business.  With that said, I decided to source a good program to help women, men and parents with kid models learn the  basics of understanding the modeling industry.

The instructor is very knowledgable and have worked in the Modeling industry all her life from a child model to now being a mature model. I found the information clear and easy to understand. Let me know your feedback after you have worked with it

Amateur Models I have taught to pose
Jill62BW Rebecca03 Simona22BW
Kid Models 10 Kid Models 33 Kid Models 58
ModelB13 Fakhar Alam 01P