Our team of talented photographers  were chosen to provide you with a variety of styles and expertise. We want you, our dear customers to access not only to Paul's style but to have choices with the same personal but professional approach you deserve.


Paul Aiken 





Co-Owner / Photographer


  • Always comes up with a risky proposition, we prefer going empty pockets with him
  • Flew to Mumbai once to sip tea from his college canteen…Dare call him whimsical!
  • Loves traveling to most unheard of places, hence never asked to plan a trip
  • Will fall “sick” if Armin Van Buuren is coming to town
  • True animal lover, although has difficulty expressing his love for us
  • Herbivore – sees egg as meat

Prakash Braggs

  • Loves to share endless knowledge, was voted most talkative in class
  • Is his own worst critic…and ours too!
  • Brooks Institute, California is where he spent most of his time listening & learning and ending up teaching there as well!
  • Recently fought with Ken over a cookie, eventually agreed to split it equally
  • Master of light, although never pursued electricity, fondly called “The Dark Knight”!